3 winning principles. All about collagen, magnesium and hyalulonic acid.

If you are a vital person who does a lot of sport or you are over 40 years old the collagen cocktail hyaluronic acid and magnesium is something that you have to consider seriously implementing in you daily diet.

Why take collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium.

You need these three supplements to take care of your bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. As if this were not short these three supplements help to decrease fatigue and tiredness.

You will see that many supplements contain these three active substances in the same formulation and you wonder why and if it is so effective if it is possible to improve it. We will answer these two questions in this post.

Collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium Hydrae.

The answer to the above two questions is simple to answer first why taking collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium is because it is a formulation with incredible effects on joint recovery, your bones, ligament cartilage as we will develop later.

And the answer to the second question is also yes. If the action of collagen mixture can be improved hyaluronic acid and magnesium with elements that reinforce it as we implement in Hydrae collagen supplements.

Collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium for skin care.

As if that were not enough, the beneficial ones that present collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium can add its positive effect on the skin and nails making the formulations that present these active ingredients essential for people who want to take care of themselves naturally.

We will move on to specifying one by one the benefits of Hydrae collagen components.

Collagen properties.

Collagen is the protein we can find in the largest number in our body and is a fundamental part of our bones, teeth, gums, skin, muscles and ligaments.

We rightly induce that if collagen protein is so prevalent in all these components of our body it is essential for these parts to stay healthy and prevent possible pathologies that could cause collagen deficiency.

Without a doubt we have to maintain in our body the right amount of this protein especially from the age of 40 to prevent our joint tissues from being wearred and have optimal biomechanical functionality in the future.

When collagen goes from recommendation to need.

Life passes for everyone and it is clear that the passage of time affects us all, but from the age of 40 our bones, muscles, joints, skin, teeth and gums begin to a degenerative process. Being a highly recommended need to take collagen.

After surgery that affects a joint, especially those of the lower limbs. Since they support body weight and suffer the biomechanical burdens of our movements.

People with obesity need collagen intake as their joints suffer much more than those of people with a balanced weight.

Taking collagen hyaluronate acid and magnesium in our day to day helps us preserve joint, muscle and skin health the Spanish trauma society recommends a daily dose of 15mg day in people with collagen deficiency.

Marine collagen or pig collagen.

We don’t say animal collagen because the two are extracted from animal proteins but swine collagen protein is much more like our body’s collagen so it’s adsorbed much better.

In contrast, marine collagen protein is in principle of higher quality, but has much less adsorption capacity by the human body being much less recommended for people.

Collagen properties with magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that when we add it to collagen enhances the action of collagen in our body. Already in case it is magnesium is fundamental in many biological processes in our body.

But magnesium certainly plays a fundamental role as a nutrient in our bones, muscles and joints and these are fundamental to the proper functioning of our locomotor system.

Magnesium makes collagen adsorption more effective which is a very useful tool for our body when it comes to regenerating joints. That’s why high-level athletes need to take collagen with magnesium.

As we mentioned earlier, collagen intake with magnesium helps effectively in the processes of tiredness and fatigue.

But it’s not just this that we have more.

It is an integral part of the set of chemical reactions that cause cells to rust to obtain energy the so-called energy metabolism.

Magnesium collagen is an integral part of the electrolyte balance that regulates and maintains water levels in our body.

The formation of proteins from amino acids the well-known protein synthesis.

It contributes directly to the correct and perfect functioning of our nervous system.

Helps maintain teeth and gums.

Be sure to read that we have another property of collagen with magnesium. Magnesium is critical to learning, attention, memory, perfection, language and thinking processes. Being the essential magnesium for our brain to perform all these complicated neural processes.

Collagen properties with hyolized acid.

Hyalulonic acid is a biomechanical part of our joints where it performs a function based on the water retention of them that facilitate the joint lubricating action that prevent joint friction avoiding wear of the anatomical components of the joint.

This certainly makes those we are looking for a collagen supplement that contain hyalulonic acid the first choice to look for a quality and effective supplement.

It is very important in skin care making it firmly elastic and hydrated. Almost as more specific active substances such as hawthorn.

Cave highlight the anti-ageing effect of hyalulonic acid precisely for its properties in skin care helping to prevent the effects of age such as wrinkles, sagging and dehydration.

Other components of collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium Hydrae.


This active substance accelerates the production of proteoglycans by normalizing the metabolic functionality of cartilaginous tissue preventing it from deteriorating affecting its biomechanical function.


Its function is to protect cartilage by inhibiting certain enzymes that attack the joint cartilage by breaking it down.

It prevents the essential water for cartilage to perform its function from being lost by helping these water levels to be maintained at optimal levels.

The MSM.

It helps improve mobility and joint normality by reducing joint pain and inflammation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts in the process of collagen synthesis by promoting the formation of new tissues of tendons, bones and cartilage. In addition to the multitudes of benefits of this vitamin that we do not enter because they do not affect collagen.

Dry bamboo extract.

It has a joint regenerating effect having also been used in natural cosmetics due to its firming effect of the skin thanks to its content in silicon.


It has an action of strengthening nails hair and teeth that is the area of our body with the most amount of queratin.

It also has a powerful inflammatory effect.

The best formulation. Hydrolyzed collagen with Hydrae magnesium.

We already explain why collagen with magnesium and hyaluronic acid is the beginning of a powerful collagen formulation. But I also hope that Hydrae collagen is the best choice.

Presentations and uses of hydrolyzed collagen with Hydrae magnesium.

Collagen 180 capsules for 60 days of treatment.

It is designed for people who perform a moderate sport who need a lower intake of collagen in their day to day

Collagen vanilla flavor powder 450 mg 30 days of treatment.

This presentation of Hydrae collagen is the most powerful of the two that provides 15 mg a day an impossible dose to put in capsules.

It is recommended for people over the age of 50 and people who do a lot of sport to prevent sports injuries that require more collagen.

Your best Hydrae collagen option.

I hope that this post will help you clear your questions about why collagen with hyaluronic acid and magnesium is the best option and Hydrae collagen is essential in your diet since in addition to Collagen hyaluronic acid and magnesium includes the other ingredients that we list that reinforce the action of it.

Hydrae products.

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