Bamboo extract

Bamboo extract as the name suggests is extracted from the bamboo plant. This plant of Asian origin has many applications not only in pharmacology or cosmetics.

Due to its high strength and elasticity in Asia it is used from the construction of houses to scaffolding furniture etc.

The tender bamboo shoots are part of a variety of recipes of traditional Asian cuisine and modern fusion cuisine for its many nutritional benefits.

Bamboo extract and its traditional use in medicine.

The leaves present is traditionally used as an active substance of great anti-inflammatory power.

Its use is also traditional in diuretic pathologies and to combat diarrhea.

Hydrae products containing bamboo extract.

Benefits of bamboo extract.

It’s a natural source of silicon.

The bamboo plant naturally contains a very high percentage of silicon. That we can find all over the plant. In some varieties it can exceed 60% of the total composition.

If we take bamboo in our daily diet, this would be the most natural way to increase silicon in our body.

Lack of silicon results in loss of skin elasticity, alopecia and the appearance of wrinkles.

As you can see maintaining the optimal level of silicon in our body is essential. Unfortunately with age it is inevitable that the silicon in our metabolism will decrease.

It is present in many tissues of our body such as bone muscles and ligaments.

They increase elasticity in our tissues.

It not only improves the elasticity of our locomotor system. It also produces many benefits in the circulatory system by improving the elasticity of our veins and arteries.

Generally the greater silicon reservoir less circulatory problems an individual presents.

Silicon improves skin quality

It helps treat dermal problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

It also increases collagen production and helps fix ingested collagen with the help of dietary supplements. Improving joint hydration problems in this way.

Bone quality and silicon.

What benefits silicon presents to us in our bone health. Well, the truth is, this benefits are innumerable, but we’re going to tell you some of the most important ones.

Prevents the descaling of our bones.

Improves adsorption of calcium, potassium, boron, iron and magnesium. These elements are very important that they are present to help treat different bone and joint pathologies such as osteoporosis and compensatory treatments for menopause.

Helps prevent sports injuries and prevent impact or shock and turn injuries by keeping joints hydrated by avoiding joint friction

Helps fix magnesium in people from the age of 50.

Silicon is critical to growth.

It helps fix calcium in our bones. Something that’s critical when we grow up.

The procholagen proline dioxygenase top requires the action of silicon for the formation of different collagen fibers and the regeneration of existing ones.

bamboo extract

Bamboo shoots.

Now we will talk about bamboo shoots we have already discussed the bamboo extract and the benefits it presents for your body.

Silicon can be ingested naturally without the help of supplements.

The answer is whether to eat bamboo shoots very often in our diet. In addition, it is hypocalyc and very rich in other minerals.

First tell you that the amount of bamboo shoots you need to eat in your diet naturally is necessarily large and consistent would not serve at least two bamboo shoots a week to achieve the benefits we talk about. You’d have to put it in your diet almost daily.

We have to differentiate the bamboo shoots from the already grown plant that would be inedible. Bamboo shoots are the soft part of bamboo at its first stage of growth.

Benefits of bamboo shoots in addition to silicon.

Helps in the prevention of influenza and catarral processes.

Prevents asthma processes.

It keeps us in proper body mass index for its low amount of fat.

It has great properties in the care of our circulatory system.

Helps treat kidney problems.

It has benefits in urinary and bladder problems.

They are high in potassium which greatly helps our cardiovascular system blood pressure and the kidney system.

It maintains the potassium sodium balance the sodium-potassium pump is an integral protein of a fundamental membrane in the physiology of cells found in all our cell membranes.

Its role is the transport of the most important inorganic ions in biology.

Regulates intestinal transit.

It presents as the bamboo extract a great action against inflammatory processes without almost with the same effects as those of the AINES type without the negative effects that these present in our gastric system.

They are a natural active substance in inflammatory processes such as preventive in painful joint processes.

They are an excellent choice if we decide to follow a weight loss diet they have almost no fat with the advantage of presenting a great nutritional and mineral contribution.

There are countless recipes of bamboo shoots that will help us introduce it to our diet in a pleasant and tasty way.

What’s in the bamboo?

It is undoubtedly a magnificent source of minerals such as silicon, calcium, potassium and iron.

Protects from osteoporosis. Loss of minerals in the bones.

Helps in the treatment of menopause.

It has an invigorating effect on our body.

Helps by keeping skin healthy, elastic and hydrated.

Bamboo extract in Hydrae supplements.

We hope that after reading this by being clear why we introduce bamboo extract into our Hydrae magnesium hydrolyzed collagen supplements.

Hydrae products.

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