Hydrae anti-cephalulite gel 500 ml


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Cold-effect anti-cellulite gel that works by accelerating and improving lymphatic drainage, favoring the removal of toxins from the skin and fatty tinnitus. It contains a powerful active ingredient, which reduces and prevents and tones the formation of cellulite and orange peel.

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Hydrae 500 ml anti-ulite gel. Firming gel burns fats with very effective active ingredients (guarana, caffeine, ruscus, lemon…) promote lipid elimination metabolism. This product is designed to remove cellulite.

We put at your disposal a cold-effect anti-cellulite gel with a super powerful formulation and specially created to attack your cellulite and reaffirm the treated areas in a double action.


of Hydrae anti-ulite


Cold-effect anti-cephalolytic-firming gel formulated with:

Coffee (0.15%)

Xantic base with lipolytic effect and proven plant active ingredients. A powerful solubilising agent has also been added in topical formulations, which has the ability to form intracutaneous deposits of topically applied assets, thus reducing systemic absorption.

Ruscus aculeatus extract (1%)

As plant active ingredients it is worth highlighting the extract of Ruscus aculeatus (1%), of marked astringent, anti-inflammatory and decongestant action. It therefore works by improving surface circulation, such as anti-emetmatous, venous tone and regulating vascular permeability. It is especially indicated in cases of capillary fragility, congestion of the vascular system and as a preventative of cellulite.

Panax ginseng extract (1%).

It has tonic activity, activating circulation and nourishing and stimulating cellular metabolism. It contains saponoseides, which are able to reduce capillary permeability in processes, such as cellulite, that occur with inflammation and tissue oedema. Recent studies also attribute anti-inflammatory properties due to the production of polysaccharides that synthesize the cells of this plant.

Extract is that of Guarana (3.5%).

It has a guaranteed content of caffeine, lipolytic base par excellence. It will therefore have a marked reducing and slimming effect. The lipolytic properties of this extract have been revealed in vitro on isolated human adipocytes, evaluating their ability to promote hydrolysis of triglycerides in fatty acids and glycerol. As an adjuvant of this lipolytic action caffeine has been added in the form of citrate to the formulation.

hyaluronidase and L-Carnitine (2.8%).

Contains an anti-cephalic complex consisting of a mixture of hyaluronidase and L-Carnitine (2.8%) stabilized in a glycerin-water medium. L-Carnitine acts as a regulator in the passage of fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane, playing a primary role in the oxidation of fats to release energy.

Hyaluronidase acts on the depolymerization of glycosaminoglycans, especially hyaluronic acid, increasing lymphatic drainage and decreasing interstitial oedema.

Vitamin F (1%).

Finally, Vitamin F (1%) has been included, consisting of poly-saturated essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and arachydonic acids). Vitamin F deficiency manifests itself at the skin level by the appearance of dryness in the skin, turning rough and losing its elasticity.

Topical application of vitamin F allows the supply of these fatty acids, so the skin regains its normality. It also has beneficial action on the cellular cohesion of the epidermis and on the effectiveness of the barrier effect of the stratum corneum. It also works by decreasing fat metabolism, so it will improve so-called “orange skin” in cellulite processes.

How does this reducing and anti-celllulytic formula work?

What exactly is the cold effect?

The cold effect of Hydrae anti-cellulite gel causes us to avoid sagging and cellulite, acting as a reducer and modeler. It works by causing a drop in body temperature thus relieving muscle load after exercise or a long day of work.

And it also causes an increase in metabolism, which compensates for this drop in temperature by taking energy out of fat deposits and therefore reducing it.

This is the most explicit way to define the cold effect of our Hydrae reducing gels, but there are many peculiarities that you are sure to be interested in and that we can explain in a summary and pleasant way.


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